New HERSHEY Logo – Public Reactions

So after many years, Hershey’s has finally updated their logo:


I think the font is a good choice against the white background. The color is good too. “The Hershey Company” is a weird tagline – I don’t understand why it will be there and makes the overall logo look wordier than it needs to be. The 2D image is a perfect capture of what we all associate with Hershey’s – the chocolate kiss. I thought it looked fine and modern, until I saw a lot of people saying it looks basically like a steaming pile of turd. And whether that is more apparent to some than others, it’s still bad enough. My guess is that Hershey’s will grab notice of this and decide to make the kiss image silver in color, like the wrapper.



Logos – Boba Stores and Pokemon?

The startup I do work for has been considering a new name and a new logo (of which it has none). I’m no graphic designer but when you’re in a company of 5, the UX designer could scrap the word “UX” essentially and just be called “designer”. I’ll ultimately be slated with this task so I’ve been observing and thinking a lot about logos.

My friends and I had a conversation about boba store logos – and how none of them are good. They are either “too Asian”, “too tacky” or “boring”. Here are some examples of dessert shop logos in my vicinity:

Some are better than others, such as the more memorable Craftea or Infinitea, both capitalizing on the tea leaf part. Personally, I would choose different fonts for both. Maybe we’re all just being too picky about a logo for a boba place.

For logo design. this other site provided much inspiration. It presents Pokemon-inspired companies and what the logos might look like. All are modern, clean, and sleek – not to mention creative and inspiring how the pokemon’s attributes blend so seamlessly with the purpose.

Here’s some examples:

I mean Electrabuzz might as well be a new company with a logo and name so catchy, no?

Evolution of the Disney Logo

As a brand, Disney delivers as a secure, promising, cheerful, and quality entertainment company. The Disney logo is stamped and varied on numerous venues, including the Disney Channel, Disney Interactive, theme parks, and movies, and remains one of the world’s most recognizable logos.

The logo is based on a stylized version of Walt Disney’s signature.  Through time, different styles and animation have been applied to the logo to keep it up to modern-day standards in quality animation.





What might the blue and white colors indicate in a brand?
Blue may represent excellence and grace.
White may represent charm and elegance.


The Sleeping Beauty castle evokes a fairy-tale/fantasy aura and touches upon romance and excitement.

2006 – present
New animation techniques gave incredible detail to the castle, including lighting and shadows, windows, balconies, and even a moat.

Disney06-12    Disney06-2012


It’s clear that the Disney logo is incredibly effective. The worldwide brand recognition has helped to make Disney the largest corporation in entertainment. The logo is probably so successful because it adapts to a changing audience. A new generation calls for a new logo and Disney seems up to the challenge.