Data Gathering

Five Key Issues

  1. Setting goals – how to analyze the data after collection
  2. Identifying participants – who?
  3. Relationship with participants – professional, ICF
  4. Triangulation – look at data at 1+ perspectives
  5. Pilot studies

You have to have a significant number of participants to find a conclusion. They also have to be compatible with the actual users.


Avoid free judgments.

Agile Software Development

Welcome changes, even if late. Customer’s competitive advantage.

Deliver working software frequently.

Business people and developers work together daily.

Face-to-face conversation

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design

Keep it simple. Maximize the amount of work not done. customer “might” want this..?

At regular intervals, team reflects on how to become more effective. Tunes and adjusts behavior accordingly.




Backlog grooming

Sprint planning


Daily Standup




Agreement on “Done”

Product Alaways sippable

End to end functionality

no changes mid-sprint

No status meetings


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