Data Visualization & Dashboard Design

Ideal dashboard has nothing you need to remove or clean up.

“Small” is the “new black” – you have to have charts that can work in very small spaces because you end up gridding the terrain. minimalism is key.

Dashboard should never scroll below the fold.

Dashboard should show only the most important info (not all the info) to achieve some objective that can consolidated into a single screen and consumed at a glance (10-15 sec to understand if something is wrong).

Situational Awareness

  • Level 1 – Perceive environment’s elements (what’s changing, increasing/decreasing).
  • Level 2 – Comprehend current state
  • Level 3 – Deduce the future state

Performance Monitoring (click on item of concern to get more info) (make sure the tools to perform actions is available in the dashboard, or at least the link to where you can change something)

Flow to result – what’s in and what’s out

Hierarchy – decomposition that flows across or down the page

Portal aggregation – grids

Look at user’s goal to determine what the comparative measures should be.


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