HCI – Interfaces

New visual design doesn’t necessarily change the value of the interface.

What is the user’s goal? Their goal should be plain right in front of the screen.

Users don’t remember the pathway to their solutions the first time.

A lot of design changes are observable but not necessarily quantifiable.

Deductive reasoning is the logical process of inferring the particular from the general. In deductive reasoning, we drive particular conclusions from general truths we know or believe to be true. People might not perform logically so their judgment is wrong. Cause and effect is logic. Inductive reasoning is generalizing from cases seen to cases unseen. “every bird we’ve seen has feathers, so all birds have feathers”.

If users should not use something or is not useful, hide it. Don’t show every possible element in front of them. Otherwise, users will try it (clicking on something that isn’t clickable).

WIMP Interface (windows, icons, menus, pointers)

Affordances of windows – close, minimize, stack, resize

Buttons should be action verbs.

Labelling – has to be concise

Query interfaces – ask question, program delivers’

Wizards – progress bars, number of steps, summary, preview


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