Research Script Template

Courtesy of Kelly Jepsen

User research

Goal of research

What is the purpose of this research — what are you trying to learn/understand?




Basic information


  1. Name/Age:
  2. Demographic:
  3. Job/Career:
  4. Time in position:
  5. Software they use:
  6. Any additional information:


General background


  1. Tell us about your role:
  2. What are your goals and objectives?
    1. What are you responsible for?
    2. What are your top priorities?


Specific background

Specific questions about certain tasks/areas you’re wanting to learn about.


  1. How often would you do X?
  2. How many times would you do Y during X?
  3. How long would this typically take you to do?
  4. Does anyone help you complete X or Y?
    1. Why might someone help you?
    2. Does this make the process better or worse?
  5. Why do you feel you need to do X or Y?
    1. Do you feel it’s important?


Specific exercise

Ask them to talk through the last time they performed a certain task, and the steps involved throughout that process.


  1. When was the last time you did X?
  2. Could you describe the steps in this process?
    1. How did you feel at each step?
    2. What were the negative aspects?
  3. Did everything go according to plan?
  4. How would you improve this experience?

Other services

  1. What other software have you used in the past to complete X?
    1. What did you like/not like?
  2. What companies have you had a great experience with?
  3. What impressed you most about these experiences?


  1. Do you believe there is anything that we haven’t covered today?
    1. Is were anything else we haven’t considered that is important?
  2. Do you have any questions for us?


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