How to Make Users Learn Faster

…with practice of course. Know what tasks or actions the user will make frequently.

…when it’s task-based. Present a clear goal and have users complete step by step. Let them know where they are in the process!

…when risk is low. Undo buttons allow for more exploration. Maybe this could be a button that says “Undo” or “Reset”. If this is a clear action the user can trigger, this can eliminate any stress the user has to go through when they think “am I doing the right thing?” or “what if I’m filling this out wrong?”

…when the vocabulary (terminology) is known. Be consistent with the terms you use! Even little things like “document” or “file”. Do they “set” it or “activate” it? Do they “close out the application” or “shut down the application”? People have general pre-conceived notions about these terms.


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