Innovative and Beautiful Product Design

Beautiful and original product design shouldn’t go unmentioned however. Although most of these products are no actually on the market, the visual appeal and innovative design are instantly attractive and can well enhance the user experience.  A successful end product would combine both usefulness and beauty.

Check out this Visual Desktop Charger. Designer Sun Kyung Kim reasons that people like visual indicators, so why not apply that to the everyday task of charging our mobile devices? This is a case in which the details are the design itself. How does it appeal to the customer? Everyone needs and owns chargers, so there’s the obvious function. Then, the customer considers how it looks and feels – the innovative design.

Source:  yankodesign

Source: yankodesign

Have you seen the Laser Projected Keyboards yet? They allow you to type on any flat surface and the projector is tiny – just a little larger than a matchbook. Problems the product is facing include the disturbance from shadows, lack of ergonomics, and the lack of tactile “home” position. Will there be a market for it? It’s been around for a few years now and there doesn’t seem to be a big hype about it.


Victor Soto independently designed the iRing that acts as a wireless controller for iPods and other apple products.


With Toast Messenger, you can write a note your breakfast! “Don’t forget to walk the dog!” “Meeting tonight. Won’t be back until 7:30” “Your lunch is on the second shelf!”    But it’s just a design concept, and not actually on the market.



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