Logos – Boba Stores and Pokemon?

The startup I do work for has been considering a new name and a new logo (of which it has none). I’m no graphic designer but when you’re in a company of 5, the UX designer could scrap the word “UX” essentially and just be called “designer”. I’ll ultimately be slated with this task so I’ve been observing and thinking a lot about logos.

My friends and I had a conversation about boba store logos – and how none of them are good. They are either “too Asian”, “too tacky” or “boring”. Here are some examples of dessert shop logos in my vicinity:

Some are better than others, such as the more memorable Craftea or Infinitea, both capitalizing on the tea leaf part. Personally, I would choose different fonts for both. Maybe we’re all just being too picky about a logo for a boba place.

For logo design. this other site provided much inspiration. It presents Pokemon-inspired companies and what the logos might look like. All are modern, clean, and sleek – not to mention creative and inspiring how the pokemon’s attributes blend so seamlessly with the purpose.

Here’s some examples:

I mean Electrabuzz might as well be a new company with a logo and name so catchy, no?


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