Evolution of the Disney Logo

As a brand, Disney delivers as a secure, promising, cheerful, and quality entertainment company. The Disney logo is stamped and varied on numerous venues, including the Disney Channel, Disney Interactive, theme parks, and movies, and remains one of the world’s most recognizable logos.

The logo is based on a stylized version of Walt Disney’s signature.  Through time, different styles and animation have been applied to the logo to keep it up to modern-day standards in quality animation.





What might the blue and white colors indicate in a brand?
Blue may represent excellence and grace.
White may represent charm and elegance.


The Sleeping Beauty castle evokes a fairy-tale/fantasy aura and touches upon romance and excitement.

2006 – present
New animation techniques gave incredible detail to the castle, including lighting and shadows, windows, balconies, and even a moat.

Disney06-12    Disney06-2012


It’s clear that the Disney logo is incredibly effective. The worldwide brand recognition has helped to make Disney the largest corporation in entertainment. The logo is probably so successful because it adapts to a changing audience. A new generation calls for a new logo and Disney seems up to the challenge.


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