Changing Perspectives when Designing

My logo is an art photo by surrealist sculptor Nancy Fouts. Her style combines both distinctive whimsy and hidden darkness. Each piece displays a clarity of thought and mastery of craft that is deceptively clean, simple, yet complex.

“I like adding a twist to things – a surprise. A little bit of ‘not right’ is great for making one wake up. I like looking and not knowing what is what. ”

She doesn’t believe she sees the world differently than everyone else  – it’s just her mind isn’t full of preconceived ideas. It’s why she can imagine a cactus-like balloon, or a cherry stem with old dice.

Nancy Fouts Crow Fouts_BoatFouts_BalloonFouts_BirdieFouts_Mouse


UX Designer Stuart Silverstein wrote an enlightening article in Smashing Article about a new approach to solving old problems. The solution: looking at the problem differently. We can agree that doing the same thing will produce the same mere results. When a new solution is required, the key might be changing your perspective on the problem – perhaps looking at new visuals, asking different questions, or examining the language.

Once you have explored new angles of a problem, be they visual, functional or strategic, you will often see something new, which will set you off on the road to creativity and true innovation.


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